BlueLine Racing 60g Modified Championship Finale

BlueLineRacing Friday, 8/27/2021

The 60g Modified Championship Finale will Premier Wed September 8th at 10pm EST.


1. Mattman213               52

2. Healer Racing            49

3. Flip's Racing               47

4. BlueLine Racing         35

5. MAC Racing               21

6. Big Al's Custom Diecast   17

7. Red Pill Racing           15

8. Eight OC Racing         15

9. Voxxer Racing             14

10. Po'Boy Racing           14

11. DXP Racing                12

12. MDG Racing               12

13. G4 Custom Diecast     10

14. Sneaky Bob                 10

15. Cut Rock R'                  4

16. Golden Owl                  4

17. FPD Racing                  3

18. Rivera Racing              2

19. Scale Racing               2

20. Uncle Joe's Speedway   2

21. 5-0-Tree Racing          2

22. Cash Money Boys       2

23. Penguin Racing           2

24. Crazy Canuck              2

25. Big Mac                       2

26. Makers Box Motors      1

27. Ghost Driver                1

28. Dubious Diecast          1

29. ND Racing                  1

30. RLo Racing                 1

31. Aces High Racing        1


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Healer_Racing 8/27/21
2021 Rated Rookie

Can't wat!! Looking forward to the new track, Blueline.  Thanks again for coordinating an awesome series.  Good luck everyone.  

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Mattman213 8/27/21

Gonna be super interesting being a brand new track and all.  Cant wait!


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SpyDude 8/27/21

Surprised I made it this far with a peg warmer. Well, it was a good learning experience.

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PoBoy_Racing 8/27/21

Sounds Great!   Can't wait!  Really looking forward to the seeng and racing on the new track!    Thanks Bud for all the hard work!

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DXPRacing 8/27/21

Been a fun series!  Would love to compete again in one.  Lots of learning and great racing with some of the best!!

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Flip81 8/30/21

Tim, great job on this series! I look forward to racing in the next years circuit as well!! Mattman and Healer Racing, good luck!  It'll be tough to beat you guys. It's going to take alot of luck.

  • Anything can and likely will happen PLUS this is a Virginia track which makes this round super exciting. Good luck guys! — Mattman213
  • After doing so well on the beast, I want to see how well my grand cross does on the baby beast. Every other track choked it out. Weight distribution is my main goal during winter testing. I get that down and I may actually win something. — CrazyEights
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