Bootleg Run races Update

LeagueofSpeed Thursday, 9/6/2018

I've been laid up with a very nasty late summer cold...feels almost flu like...we'll get the racing done by Saturday...first we had technical issues and now this crud...sorry for the delay.

Peace and Speed - LoS 


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NDeavers80 9/6/18

Get well soon brother

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Jav74 9/6/18

I know those terrible flu like colds all too well. Sorry. 

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41-14 9/6/18

Sorry to hear your feeling under the weather. Hope you feel better soon. Take care brother. And all is well with the racing, it can wait.  It just builds the excitement. And I know the Legion goes all out when hosting. And we all appreciate everything you and your family do for this hobby. 

Thanks my Brothers...going to try and get the Sweet 16 for Dixie Gran Prix done later this afternoon. Lady of Speed has taken Speedzilla to the Doc's as I type...Speed Force and the Lady are good so far...hopefully it stays that way.

Get well soon! You've been running a bunch.of races lately, so run the Bare Muscle cars whenever you are feeling hurry!

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Dadvball 9/7/18

Wishing a speedy recovery. 

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