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Bootlegger Run

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I'd like a spot if one is still available.

Spazzed & Spurious Racing #B

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SpyDude 1/8/23

-tosses my hat in the ring-
#3, SpyDude, Aces High Racing.

See you in the rearview.

  • Can be alternate — Douglas
  • Okay, looks like I am second alternate for now, then — SpyDude
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RaSungod 1/8/23

Let's give this a go.

Ra Sungod #79

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Douglas 1/8/23

Wow the field is full. Good luck to everyone. If you have casting questions send pictures. Message for shipping address. 

Dang! Too late!! I hate to miss a race at Old Yadkin but I'll be watching!!

Rising from rust and rot, we've been working hard all year getting this '49 Merc race ready. Today's the day! The trailers loaded and we're getting ready for our road trip out to Old Yadkin Valley Speedway. Looking forward to a good race, hope to see you there!

If we can use cars from the 30s - 60s. I'm assuming a 68 mercury cougar is acceptable?

Grayboys Racing is in!

#111 Kelston Gray

Is it too late for New Jersey Drive Racing to enter?  #28

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Numbskull 1/10/23

Just to clarify.

It's official the Bootlegger Run is here!! This race is to commemorate where Nascar got it's start! Cousin Ricky is challenging all driver's to a race to show he is the best driver to ever live. Casting from 30's to 60's only. Must register number on Standard MMRL rules apply. 1 modified cars only. 2 60 grams weight limit. 3 dry lube only. 4 any axles allowed. This one is gonna fill up fast so hurry and get your cars ready. Winner gets bragging rights and Cousin Ricky's trophy. #MMRL #Bootleggerrun #Funkhouserdiecastracing

Is there room for one more?

#04 please.

Variat SkunkWorks 

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Bolo_Brown 1/20/23

What type of car any type of car

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