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Bootlegger Run

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Shipped out today 57 Chevy. Not the car I was going to go with but it was better then the 36 Ford coup on my track.

  • super cool — Numbskull
  • Nice good luck — Douglas
  • sweet! I just built a Neat Streeter, but now that I see your post, I'm re-thinking my choice. Guessing the wheels sticking out rub against the hard plastic 90 degree and 180 turns. — FeralPatrick_FeralMODS
  • Nice car! I ended up building a Chevy too, but 59 in my case. — Underdogs_Unleashed
  • Thanks all and yes every time it touched a wall it slowed down. — Karmic_Racing
  • Nice! — Bent_Rod_Racing

Can I use 79' Corvette Stingray?

Just waiting for clearcoat. I added metal bumpers to help protect the wheels which stick out a bit. Let's hope it works!

 Some Great looking MoonShine Runners.

Jacked the Transport form G-Force!

In the mail

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