BPR Racing Network and League!

Big_Poppy Monday, 5/3/2021


I’m going to start a Network/Racing League. I’ve wanted to do this for 2 years but life hasn’t participated at all with my desires. So my plans are to hold the Diecast Games from Sep – Dec and the Racing League Jan – May. 

The Diecast Games will remain "stock: only, same format as last year.

The Racing League will have10 teams. It will be broken into "Stock" weight divisions and "Modified" weight divisions. Something for everyone! Participants will send in cars and they will "try out" for the teams. There will be qualifying events for each team before each event. There will be more details posted this summer/fall about sending your cars for team spots. I am wanting something similar to F1 or Indy League. So your car will be part of a team that if fits in, either by color or casting type. Teams are:

Blue Blaxers, Black Outs, White Knights, Green Getaways, Silver Streaks, Red Alerts, Purple Haze, Fantasy Fanatics & Chaos Corp!

The Network will produce and publish stupid stuff like commercials to "hopefully" give you a chuckle. Send me ideas if any strike you. I'd like to highlight other events and link directly to other events. 

Tell me what you think! Am I nuts or not?

Thanks all!

Big Poppy



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SpyDude 5/3/21

Yes. You're nuts. But then again, aren't we all?

Sounds like a good time in the making. This should be a thing.

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D1G1T4L 5/3/21

Love the idea! the commercials will be a hoot! Were all a bit crazy around here! gotta love it though! 

Excited to see what you have in store and hope i can get in on the action! I dont own any indy or Fl castings yet but ill be on the hunt now! 

  • The cars can be any casting. The F1 Indy car comment has to do with organization not casting type. — Big_Poppy
  • Ahh Thank you for the clarification! i think i might have a few in mind. Question for ya, if i painted a casting and reassembled it with no mods, can i run in the stocks? i might wanna do both but have a stock pick in mind! — D1G1T4L

Yessss...so much yes! If you haven't yet (and you probably have) check out the ILC channel for commercial kookiness...I'd love to participate any way I can. 

  • Yes sir, I’ve been watching him for about three years. I’ve got many a chuckle from him. — Big_Poppy
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