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Build journal: Buckeye Mountain Raceway, track for live racing

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Awesome track, Love this idea of being mobile... Great Job!!! 

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Stickdog 4/4/24

Nice work! I just joined today and look forward to all the new content and ideas. I collected for almost 30 years and had to sell my entire collection 3 years ago. I never once opened a card in all that time. Recently had 3D Botmaker show up in my feed and that led me down the rabbit hole, now I've got the bug again. I'll never have as many as I sold, but hope to begin modding soon and maybe even compete. Thanks for sharing your track build.

  • welcome! — dr_dodge
  • Crazy how 3D Botmaker draws you back... Your in the best place & dont be afraid to reach out to these folks.. I am finding it really easy to ask questions and get answers... Welcome abord and enjoy it.. — Desert_Rat_Racing

Great looking track!

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41-14 4/5/24

wow!! That's some track. 

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CanesBart 6/10/24

Really nice Job.   Not crazy about the name.  


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