Build Journal: Diamondback Wash

ManiacMotorsports Thursday, 6/27/2024

I was looking at my off-road trucks, some of which roll really great, and I thought it would be great if I could race them. So I decided to build another private track (most of you don't know that I have a partially finished road course), and Diamondback Wash was born. Well, not completely yet. It is a straight open off-road track. It has a 7ft length, counting finish area and starting gate, and is 11in wide, because that was the width of the sandpaper I'm using as the surface. There will also be a few jumps.            

So, today I finished the bench work .


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Banjo 6/27/24

Good start! Keep us updated 

Cool!  Can see a small part of the road course in the background. 

I will be posting more on this thread soon, but I'm waiting on getting some thin plywood for the deck.

  • Drywall works well for top. Easy to nail small things down or adjust. — 1Jungle_Falls
  • Well, I need it anyway, for the back of a showcase I'm making. — ManiacMotorsports

@DutchClutch, If you want to see Maniac Mountain Speedway, click on my profile.

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dr_dodge 7/20/24

here's mine

it's made with pink foam, mopped with glue,

and then HO brown track balast, and colored sand,

applied thick and uneven,

then spritze well with water, allow to soak in,

and then let is dry until damp,

and start applying water/glue dripping it on the thick parts

if the surface is still loose, sptitz, and wate glue again

it's tough and when not in use stands in the corner


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