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Build Journal : Mt. Kitsune Circuit

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Playz 9/29/21

Love that 7eleven building, where did you get that from?

good luck with the build too!

  • Actually that piece was created on my own :D. Here's the link on how I made it : — SilverFoxRacing
  • Also thank you :) — SilverFoxRacing

Done in the past few weeks :)

  • Love your use of pieces of green sponge for bushes on the me ideas for more "cat proof" scenery for my track! — Rainsford
  • Thank you :D — SilverFoxRacing

It's almost done! Now to put more green scenery 

Getting motivated to do track build today! ^u^

Getting ready for Silver GT. Took some pics then racing later this week or next week. 

For those who wanted to check the track in action here is my channel:

Please like and subscribe too thank you :)

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