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Build Journal: Fury Mountain Speedway, Wasteland Racing

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KPS_Kustomz 2/5/21

Damn, we're going to have a small section, quarantined off, in the World of brother Dylan the Scot is a phenomenal painter and will be in charge of a big part of said area! 

  • Cool deal, looking forward to seeing you alls work as well. On a side note would ypu know why i cant replyto any of my old post on tthis thread? — Wasteland_Racing
  • We can't wait to get started...its going to be a huge and time consuming project, but it'll be worth it! — KPS_Kustomz
  • No idea! I wrote about some problems that I've been having months ago and got ZERO responses! — KPS_Kustomz
  • Ok no worries.thanks — Wasteland_Racing
  • Anytime bro — KPS_Kustomz

Bit of a expanding foam review if you plan on gluing styrofoam together or to other surfaces. 

From left to right, Grear stuff small gaps $7, Great stuff large gaps, $7  Loctite small gaps, $5  GE small gaps $3, GE  large gaps $3

 Out of the 3 types I've used so far the GE large gaps is the best bang for the bucks. Very dense when dry and carves great, Equal to Great Stuff but at half the price. Loctite became brittle when dried  and didn't carve well so I would avoid for sure. Hope this helps 

  • Thanks for sharing...good info right there! Fascinating that there's such a difference with that spray foam. I always kind of assumed they were more or less the same. — redlinederby
  • I tgiught they would all be similar to, but cetain ones are a little different for sure. — Wasteland_Racing

Adding details to the bridge....

  • I think my jaw is broken from hitting the floor so hard!!! That's sweet! — KPS_Kustomz
  • Thanks allot, was planning to add a scrap tower on top as well — Wasteland_Racing
  • You totally should, that would look badass — KPS_Kustomz

Due to the tempature drop the wasteland garage is a bit cold so working on some details.  

Decided to make my track start in a mountain tunnel. Plastic Folgers coffee cans work great, the molded handles in the cans work perfect to set the track on and insures it's is level.. Once you cut the bottom off it fits over the top of the other can great. 

Will be about 6 cans  long and have lighting along the top like a real tunnel.  

More work on the starting gate 

Plan on spray painting the track when the tunnel is ready to assemble. 

  • The little skulls add a bit of mystery to the whole race game... this is going to be cool!!! — KPS_Kustomz
  • A reminder that racing on the fury mountain come with a cost. — Wasteland_Racing
  • Savage Brother — KPS_Kustomz

More snow day projects... 

Scrap metal walls and billboards that will be random along the track. Made with bamboo skewers, old phone cards and small peices of corrugated cardboard 

The watchtower for the bridge has become a watchtower/club for race fans. Build out of sane materials as the track walls 


  • A little trash goes a long way...nicely done — redlinederby
  • Thanks,i have always saves anything that might be usefull for future projects.old habbit but a good one. — Wasteland_Racing
  • Yo, when we go on walks...I always pick up old smashed bottle caps and other rusty, but cool stuff to out in the junkyard! Awesome idea my friend! — KPS_Kustomz
  • I do the same thing,got lots of boxes of random stuff. So far the only thing i had buy for the track is glue, paint and track. — Wasteland_Racing
  • Dang, not bad! — KPS_Kustomz

More progress... Rest of starting tunnel track ready for paint , added more details to the bridge club..tower ladder, railing, oil berrals, Flame thrower. Started on Savage Salvage garage and junkyard that will be near the finish line in Racetown. 

Weather/temp is looking up here soon so hoping to get back in the garage and finish work on the mountain. Just been to cold for glue and paint 

  • Love your cobbled-together buildings. Those will look great when they're painted. — Rainsford
  • Thanks, they are fun to build and paint. — Wasteland_Racing

Things are warming up so will be back working on the mountain it's self here soon,  but till then.. More scenery progress.junkyard garage is coming along, few more details to go on the building it's self and other items  like garage tools and equipment.  Plus chop up more cars. 

Started working on a group of small garages (4inX5in) that will be "pit row" in racetown at the finish line. There will be around 8 and will be for teams that are racing during events 

Each garage will have signage for race team banners, I'm designing them so banners can be changed from race to race.  Thinking that when people enter a car for a tournament they could also send along a team sign to display for the camera. 

My track partner Dan has also made a announcers booth tower, spectators sections with VIP area, various other buildings and a battle arena/thunder dome. Bringing them out this weekend so will take pics. 

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SpyDude 2/26/21

This is turning out to be SO cool!  Definitely have to advertise this over at Gaslands.

  • I just posted in the facebook group yesterday, getting some traction. — Wasteland_Racing

Scenery update.. Racetown is coming together nicely and Fury Mountain is almost ready for full test runs to check angles and speed and do any tweaking before painting and finial details 

Mountain tunnel starting gate completed. Lights are from a Led strip light from Walmart. They have color change so can use for starting light. Cut sections out of  the cans and made light fixtures from card stock and clear peices of a old shop light 

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