Build Journal: Fury Mountain Speedway, Wasteland Racing

Wasteland_Racing Sunday, 1/17/2021

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After about a year or so of getting side tracked and putting off cleaning out space in the garage, I finally got it done. Now we are working out the layout 10'x6'. Went with similar layout to 3DBotmaker to get a feel of things, but layout will most likely change as building progresses.

We will be running post apocalyptic themed races and event..Gaslands, Mad Max,  etc. With.custom post apocalyptic style vehicles.  As well as regular races, rip and rolls etc.. 

 Working on gettting the cameras set up and filming as soon as we can for our YouTube channel. Plan on getting vid of the building process of the track plus how to vids for painting and customizing cars as well as vids on  making dioramas and terrain.

Glad to be part of the community and look forward to bringing you some awesome wasteland action soon.



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SpyDude 1/17/21

Wow!  Looks nice so far.  Love the post-apocalyptic feel.
Fair warning: the orange track down at the bottom is going to really mess things up.  Going from open track to two-lane is going to mean there are a LOT of crashes right at that intersection. Might want to rethink that a bit .....

  • Thanks ! Been playing Gaslands for a few years so i already had some cars and some terrain. Yeah the end of the track is for fun right now..need to pick up a couple more grey track sets to do exaxtly what i invision .all the years of buliding snd painting stuff fir table too ganes liike warhammer 40k, gaslands , flames of war ect will come in handy for sure. — Wasteland_Racing
  • Yeah, I was just thinking of a couple of cars coming off that last corner, charging down the track, and surprise! — SpyDude
  • happens all the time lol luckly the the finish line is right before there. Pickin up more grey track today — Wasteland_Racing

Awesome! Looking forward to watching your track build progress! 

  • Thanks! Look forward to sharing the trials and tribulations of our progress — Wasteland_Racing

Update, decided to increase the size of track to 12x6 and add another curve and strait making it 5 levels high and around 65 ft of track. So we tore it all down and started again,  now working out the first two levels and take measurements to cut the foam for the base till the rest of the track shows up. 

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Mike70 1/24/21

I'm glad you included the dimensions of your layout in the post. I've been thinking about doing a track and this helps me see the way it would work in the space I have available to me. Hopefully the trials and tribulations will be few!

  • Thanks, once the foam is set and cut i'll post an update with the finial level hights and dementions as well. — Wasteland_Racing

Now the fun starts.. 

Every track need a tow service 

Great job on those cars! That all looks sick. Looking forward to watching!

  • Thanks, was hoping to have the foam and track set to run test runs by end of the month..getting there — Wasteland_Racing

Weekend progress.. Top level done working on second level. 

My idea is to design the layout to be made up of three sections that can be separated for building and painting purposes and for future maintenance and to move if need be.

Finial measurements of the layout 12x6 ,starting hight is 60 inches then drops to 52' at the start of the top level. As the track goes down the mountain each curve drops around  10  inches,  so turn one is at 42in, turn two is 32in, turn three 22in, turn four 12in and the finish line is at 2in off the table. 

Used 5 straight sections of crash racers track inbetween each corner section. 

Started with building a stand out of wood 2x2 to support the top level. Then layed the foam down to get a rough layout for the track.

Once I got everything dry set to my liking I glued and carved the top leve

Next I dry set my foam for level two and getting ready to glue and carve. 

Finished up another group of 8 car while the mountain is built. 

The track is looking great. Look forward to seeing some racing once you're up and running

  • Thanks, hoping to have the basic mountain structure done here in a couple weeks and then do some test runs to see what may need adjusting. — Wasteland_Racing

Second level is coming along. 

Ran a few cars down to test the angle , most made it all the way past the third curve even with the uneven roads and little styrofoam bits on the track. So happy about that lol. 

I love the mad max style cars!  Please be sure to enter the Death Race later this year on Indiana Diecast Racing!

  • Thanks! Ill keep a look out for the race and try to make it in. — Wasteland_Racing

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