Customizing and TuningBuilding my CCC Hot Rod...

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Hey Guys!

It's been a while since I've done a build-up, so, I thought I'd do a thread on the '32 Ford that I am putting together for the Crew Chief  Challenge race....

I'm starting off with your basic '32 Ford

I like to drill the rivets in a drill press, so I can hold the car in a vice

This is,what it should look like with the rivets drilled...just drill deeply enough to pop the car apart

These are all the components of the car, but since this all weights about 38 grams, the windowsing and the interior won'y be used

To get the axles out, I generally just cut the tabs off, but you can gently pry them up if you want to retain them

If I were going to do a simple wheel awap, these are the parts I'd be using. But, I think I'll be doing something a little different for this one

I first glass-beaded the body to remove the, I can better see what I'm doing

These '32 castings are too wide, if you look at a real car, so, I'm going to remove a little material, right down the middle. I'm using a fibre glass dremel cut-off wheel. A word to the wise, this is not a job for a first-time customizer...this casting is really thick in spots and not the easiest to cut in half

But, with a little patience,  you can make a nice cut down the middle. You can also do this with a hacksaw if you prefer...personally. I like the cut-off wheel. I should say here...Please where eye protection when doing this!

The two halves, being head's looking better already

It wasn't really possible for me to take a pic while I was JB Welding the two halves back together. I was carefully holding the two halves together, looking at the windshield and rear window openings while the JB Quick Weld sets up

Two years ago, I made up resin '32 Fords as prizes for the first CCC race. I still had a chassis laying around, so I thought I'd use that (it's kinda the opposite of what most hot ridder do in real life...this is putting a '32 body on Model A rails...I hope to put a Model A body on '32 rails some day! ). I'm not sure what the engine is from...a donar from Traction Event, molded and cast in resin.

As you can see, this combo is easily light enough to make the 35 gram weight limit (those are just stand-in wheels...the real wheels to come later in the week)

I'll do some clean-up on the body and install the wheels next weekend

Maybe a side by side picture, or before & after, of that body modification just so we can see the difference of the narrowed body?

Thanks buddy!

Nice step by step process.

Here ya go...

The car on the left is the same casting, so you can see that I took over 1/16" out of it.

I also removed the tab that the stock engine sits down over, to get the new engine in there

Perfect, thank you sir! What does this modification allow you to achieve?
If you look at a real '32, the HW casting is too wide...I'm just trying to make it look correct!
Great work !!

Here's a pic of a real '32...

You can see, they are pretty small/narrow

Understood. Nice work!

That is AWESOME work!  You should instagram this too. #therightwaytobuildcoolcars

(A # i have never used personally.  LOL)

Thanks Boone! It's coming along :)

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