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I know there is a site but can't remember what it is.  I'm tired of me and all my friends buying the same things off the pegs.  Where can I get something different besides ebay?  Thanks in advance.

bernie has a house and 4 trailer boxes full of HW cases, he's not buying new stuff...

Bernie's wheels.

It has loads of good cars and it is quite famous on RLD.

Although it appears offline for fixing, old RLD sponsor Tom's Diecast Cars is a seller. Not sure how old/new the inventory is.

Like ePAY, you have to be persistent...but Goodwill has some of the best deals sometimes.

Stumbled upon this site while doing some research on a lot I recently purchased. Looking to resell all or some. There's anywhere between 3 and 400 including hot wheels Johnny lightning and matchbox. As far as I can see most of these series are lacking and I'm hoping to complete someone else's. I'm in the process of sorting and pricing right now. If your looking for something in particular I'd be glad to help. If anyone's interested in the lot that would be even better. Appreciate any suggestions and or tips. 

Check out the Buy/Sell section of the site, might have better luck selling there.

You could also try The Toy Peddler. The die cast section has the makes and years made broken down. They're individual sellers with fixed pricing. Many of them will discount the shipping if you're buying quantity.

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That auction, consisting of 10, 11, and 12 FTEs...which for a racer, are less valuable than 05 and 06...but this auction went for a premium over the normal selling price on why.  Anything collectible in it?  Also, aside from racers like us, does anyone else care about FTEs other than for completing their collection?

Beats me... I try to pay $1 a car... Regardless of what is there. Looks pretty standard, good wheel selection...but lots of smalls
Probably an RLD-er desperate to make a mail-in deadline.
that there is funny Clifford...HA!

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