can you say! demolition derby

mohlmann Thursday, 4/14/2022

i am planing on putting a duel figure eight togather soon, basicly we will be racing 6/8 cars per run. they will be launched via handheld lineup tracks. i plan on videoing and post some place for others to )BET ON( watch for the fun of them! i don't think we will do mailins but local people will be able to join in.

have never seen this type of raceway done with hot wheels track.

give me email if you have ideas on this!


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Chaos_Canyon 4/20/22

We built a stadium track like this last year (except for the crash/crossover) but it was a continuous track that cars could run on until they crashed. It was part of our Chaos Canyon Rally 2021 if you want to check it out.

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