Canyon Overlord

Sunday, April 19th, 2020 View race results
Chaos_Canyon Monday, 4/13/2020

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When & Where

Sunday, April 19th, 2020

Chaos Canyon YouTube channel


The "Canyon Overlord" is the inaugural race event to be staged at the Chaos Canyon (under construction) raceway. It is a king of the mountain style event. The winner will take pride of place on the Metal Throne till the next challenge event.

Due to Covid-19 lockdown, no mail in cars will be accepted. Instead register your interest as a driver and a car from my current vehicles will be randomly assigned to you.


  • Current Chaos Canyon YouTube channel subscribers get automatic entry (currently 3DBotmaker, PeteB, Stuff'N More Hotwheels, Tune Trax Racing, League of Speed and Hot Car Track and of course Chaos Canyon will have a driver)
  • Put your driver name (and team name if you wish) in the comments below to enter - one entry max each
  • Field limited to 30 cars max
  • Minimum age to enter 13+years 


  • The cars will be laid out in order from one to however many enter (max 30), then the first name drawn gets vehicle the last vehicle, second gets the second to last and so on, till the last name ends up with vehicle number one
  • The cars will be laid in order of my favourites and do not necessarily represent anything to do with speed or performance


  • Single elimination, head to head race
  •  Head to head positions will be determined by the order the names are drawn - eg. first name out gets slot one, second name gets slot two and so on
  • Heats and the final will be a best of three run down the track, with the winners advancing to the next round
  • Drivers will alternate start lanes for the first two races then, if a third race is required, the third race lane position will be decided by coin toss
  • In the case of a DNF from both drivers the race will be re-run 
  • If a car breaks and is unable to continue for any reason, it will be eliminated from the competition

Depending on the number of entries, the video of the racing may be split over a couple of days to allow time to edit etc, otherwise I will do my best to post the whole race up on Sunday (NZ time) night. Please note, to save time and keep it more interesting to watch, any races with double DNF's will not be shown in the final video unless there is something critical involved. All other races will be shown as they occur.


The prize is the satisfaction of winning the original event where you had no control over your car selection and still won ;) Plus of course bragging rights. I will also email you a photo of your winning car on the Metal Throne and a winners certificate, so you have a record of your win that you can print out if you want.

This is a first time event for me and designed to be fun, while also putting the new track through its paces with a full tournament. Look forward to having you along for the ride.


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Turtle will be the driver for Rust Belt Racing. This sounds like fun man! Great track by the way!

I would love 2 join but unfortunately I'm Stuff 'N More Hotwheels

  • You are in as driving for Stuff n More Hot Wheels, what driver name do you want? — Chaos_Canyon
  • Whatever. Go with savag speeder — SavageSpeeder
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TuxMcBea 4/14/20

Let the trash talk commence!

  • Hell yeah. I might put up some videos of running the individual cars prior to the event so people can see how they might perform during the comp — Chaos_Canyon
  • I like that idea! — RustBeltRacing's a Stock everyone actually has a chance...????

  • Absolutely. The only modified vehicle I have currently is the bone breaker but I probably won't use it (unless I have to) so that it is stock vehicles all round. Some are naturally faster than others, but on my track, speed isn't everything. If you can't handle the jump or the turn afterwards it doesn't matter how fast you are so I'm hoping for some good races. — Chaos_Canyon
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Chaos_Canyon 4/15/20

Here's the poster for this weekend's race. 

Who's feeling confident in their driving ability despite never driving on this track or knowing what car you'll be driving?

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TuxMcBea 4/15/20

Don't even bother yourselves guys, I already have this one in the bag!

Haha...I'm all outta Bubble Gum again...the whomping is a coming

Jimbo is in for UltraSpeed Racing. I love your track and YouTube channel, keep up the great work! I'm currently working on a track too! 

Hey guys, since I didn't build the car, I have a chance!

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Chaos_Canyon 4/16/20

Hey Folks,

Updated track overview video after some last minute changes and additions, in preparation for the race.

Track overview UPDATED

Kit Kayem is driving for Gen-X Vintage Racing!

Congrats on hosting your first race!

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Chaos_Canyon 4/17/20

Are you hyped yet???? I sure as hell am!

Check out the highlights from the car selection process. Some incredible stunt driving to be seen here, with incredible car control - like the 720deg spin from the corvette and it still finished the run!

So looking forward to the comp this weekend.

Here's the video of the track testing.

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