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This question was asked via PM but I feel it does benefit the field.

"Can I do a wheel swap if it doesn't require modifying the body?"

The answer is yes, you can do a wheel swap as long as the original, unmodified body allows free spinning of the new wheels. Remember that NO mods to the body are permitted.

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Numbskull 7/19/22

Another dumb question: Can we sand/polish the bottom of the chassis? 

Unfortunately I don't really see these in the UK, and don't want to risk entering unless I find something suitable, which isn't guaranteed.  I'll keep my eye out for the next race!

  • Like, they sell out super fast or you folks do not get them at all? — Uncle_Elvis
  • I've not seen them in the supermarket at all this year, just the basic HW and Matchbox. There's a toy shop I could go to at the other end of town about 30 minutes drive away that *might* have them. — Fractal_Panda
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GrumpyCloud 7/20/22

Grumpy Cloud will take Darth Maul please.

  • Grumpy Cloud Racing will be driving Star Wars Darth Maul! You are on the roster! — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Thank you sir! I’ll try not to break in half. — GrumpyCloud
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RaSungod 7/20/22

Ra Sungod is signing up for this one! I'll pick a car later.

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RaSungod 7/20/22

Gonna nail the other racers like they're womprats

  • Nice pick, but I'll be waiting. — Numbskull
  • Ra Sungod will be driving Star Wars Luke Skywalker! You are on the roster! — Kaiju_Colorado

In with Daredevil 

Driver Name - Ned Mundson
Team/Sponsor - Tiny Track Cars

Iron Beard Customs/ James Iron Beard  Rocket, guardians of the galaxy 

  • Can’t use it. That’s a known car, the Fast Fish, with a different paint scheme and tampos. Has to be a character car. (There IS a Rocket Raccoon car, but it looks like his head.) — SpyDude
  • Well heck, I guess I'm out then. — Ironbeardcustoms
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MQHracing 7/21/22

Mqh racing is in if spot still open

donald Duck

Just needs wheels. The hardest part of building a quality Diecast racer.

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