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redlinederby Saturday, 10/2/2010
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It happened again. In the last regular season tournaments the Ferrari F50 won two of three. So in order to make the 16 winning cars needed for the championship, I decided to take the highest ranked car that was NOT already retired and make it the 16th car. And that car is the Porsche 959.

As mentioned before, the championship tournament is bracket picking only, no car entries.

The player with the most points following the championship tournament is the official Season 2 Champion.

There's about 200 points between 1st and 5th, and only 50 points between 3rd and 1st, so this last tournament will be the decider. Good luck!


I vote for Diesel Boy--two championship races in the last two weeks, only to lose. It makes that race a little easier to pick though.

The last races, were the hardest ones to predict. So many cars that I haven't had experience with either here or at home racing them to know how they perform. I was amazed to see that I came out with the overall lead.

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redlinederby 10/3/10
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This last championship race is tough too if you ask me. It's not only the 16 best cars of the season, but it's pretty much the most popular 16 cars since the Fantasy League began. Even in the first season, the Land Rover, Porsche, and Corvette were favorites because of their ability to perform.

Personally, I kind of glad to see them all in the championship because it means next season there will be fewer "old stand bys" to vote for...season 3 should be even harder.

Good luck to everyone in the final race! It's down the wire!!

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Bandeezee 10/4/10

Yeah, I totally laid an egg (40 points) in the Proving Ground III race =P

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redlinederby 10/9/10
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Congrats to Bandeezee for winning season 2!!!!! A total of 2255 points separate him from the rest of the pack. It was close going into the race but Bandeezee made the right picks at the right time.

You can get more details and see the video over in the blog ... mpionship/

As mentioned, I'll be taking the league offline Sunday (tomorrow) while I update the game and then, if all goes well, I'll be announcing a special tournament before we start the third season in November!

Thanks to all the players again this year. You all continue to make this a lot of fun for myself and everyone else involved. Cheers!

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JDC442 10/9/10

Congrats Bandeezee, you're the BEST!! You really know your Hot Wheels.
Did you pick the Ferrari to take it all, or did you go with the Cadillac? (Brian: It would be cool to be able to see what cars other players picked).
Yes, these picks were super tough and that's what make Bandeezee's win all the more impressive.
I went with my favorite from last season, the Corvette FTE to win it all. I also had the Triumph FTE beating the Ferrari in the semi-final. The triumph had been undefeated and the cars it had won where all fast cars, so I picked it to race the Vette for the championship. Unfortunately the Triumph did not make it out of the first round, and I didn't even have the non-FTE Cadillac making it out of the first round 'cause I picked it's counterpart FTE to beat it. Okay, now i'm just complaining.
Anyway thanks Brian for a great season and way to go Bandeezee/Ohana!

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Bandeezee 10/11/10

Yeah, I picked the Cadillac V-16 (bling wheels) to win it all, it's all about the bling baby! I'm pretty partial to this car as it is one of my top cars. This just tells me I need to get my hands on a Ferrari Testarossa. Yeah, it was going to be make or break it for me since the caddy faced the FTE version of itself first round and I figured everyone would be picking the FTE version. Damn that was a close finals race, but that's what we want to see. Thanks to everyone for playing and to JDC442 and Iowastockcars for making it interesting all the way until the end. Special thanks to Brian for setting all this up.

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redlinederby 10/11/10
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The Testaross-v-Caddy was a SUPER tight race, as is seen in the video.

The first run is what goes down on paper as the final, but after that was logged I ran those two cars a few more times and it kept going back and fourth between the two. So they are crazy evenly matched and both demons.

I dunno why but the V16 surprised me. I knew it was fast but really didn't expect it to hold up under all the rest. I had the Ferrari losing in Round 3. I expected Super Van and the Corvette to place a little better than they did. I figured the Rover-v-Funny could have gone either way too. I'm not a Funny Car fan but guessed it would edge out the Rover...that Rover was raced HARD this season, it's gotta be pooped.

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JDC442 10/11/10

Yah, I forgot to mention that getting to see the tournament video was super awesome Brian, even though the correct cars weren't winning
More praise for Bandeezee/Ohana: He even missed a week of racing and still came out on top. Nice!!
I'd love the chance to reclaim the championship in season 3, but I promised the little woman I'd sit this one out as we're expecting a baby boy near the end of the month.
Perhaps I'll get the chance in season 4???

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redlinederby 10/11/10
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Wow, a baby, congrats!

Maybe you can find a few minutes between diaper changes to make some picks. It really only takes a minute each week

All the best to you guys.

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JDC442 10/12/10

It really only takes a minute each week

Not the way I do it!

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Bandeezee 10/13/10

Congratulations JDC442 on the baby. My wife and I just had a baby this year. Came home from the hospital August 13th. It's been pretty hectic around here, but I find time every now and then to make some picks. I don't always get to submit a car, but I make up the points on the picks. Yes, this new hectic schedule is why I missed that week of picks though, so it will not be easy, but I'd hate to see you not in season 3. It's going to be really tough with all those top cars gone.

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