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Charger Summer 2020

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I'm in

Voxxer Racing - Charger Summer 

No axle tubes? stock un cut axles? 

  • Axel tubes can be used, just make sure it's a cut retail/manufactured axel going in the tube — LeagueofSpeed

The Field is full....however, Space City Speed and HTown Hustle will give up their spots for any team(s) that want in on Charger we do have two spots that can be given/taken.

The Chargers of Voxxer Voxxer Racing in the "sand" and "fill" phase.

  • Me thinks we're gonna need an Elite class of races soon if this type of stuff keeps up — redlinederby
  • I think we just got to step up our game! Or at least mine..... — RIVERA_RACING
  • Geeezzzzzzz! This Race is in June and Voxxer is already on top of it! Preparation is key! Good luck guys, I didn't make the list..... — RIVERA_RACING
  • What exactly is that you use for filler? What purpose does it do? Just curious!! Thx — AGI_RACING


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Mcjiggles9 2/18/20

Hey everyone. So I'm picking this whole modding thing back up, had to set it down for a while as I moved away from home, college, marriage, etc. blah blah blah ;)

My point is, my collection is SUPER slim right now. I have only a 71 Plymouth GTX casting but it seems we are staying strictly to Chargers.

Does anyone have some old casting I could peddle off them or know a could place to buy castings? Thanks

  • Give me a week or two — LeagueofSpeed
  • The Chargers are currently floating around on the pegs if you look. Dark Blue and one is dark blue with hot wheels racing tampos — Mattman213
  • Thanks both of you, I'll keep my eyes peeled on the pegs — Mcjiggles9

I'll be starting my Builds next month...looking forward to the challenge of Charger Summer.

I might give up my spots if I can't find any... #NOLUCKPEGHUNTING

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NDeavers80 2/19/20

Let me know who needs cars I will look this weekend and check what I have but I know I've got extras. 

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