Chassis build now being tracked

redlinederby Wednesday, 8/22/2012
Site manager

You may notice now that the chassis/build type of a car now appears in the listings and on profiles. I went through this past weekend and updated each car in the league. There are 3 build types:

MP - Metal/Plastic
MM - Metal/Metal
PM - Plastic/Metal

Simple enough, right? I haven't added any options to filter by build yet so you'll just have to check the column as you search through cars.

I'd say my updating of car profiles is 95% accurate, so if you find a car that is listed with an incorrect build type, please post and ask so I can check it out.


Now all you need is "Plastic/Plastic", like the Halloween Phastasm from a couple years ago!

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GspeedR 9/11/12

The only also mistakes it for plastic...easy mistake to make, I guess.

edit: Mattel's database confirms it... plastic chassis 575 GTCs.

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