Chevy "Huffman" Stocker

BigBadBrad01 Thursday, 9/29/2016

Hey all, 

I am writing an article about this car/release for tomorrow over at my website and am looking for input from fellow Hot Wheels racers.

I was wondering: Have you ever raced (or raced against) the Huffman Stocker before? What are your thoughts on it (design, racing or otherwise)? Is it one of the better "straight out of the package" Hot Wheels to race? ...please feel free to add anything else, I'm all ears.


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GspeedR 9/29/16

The "Huffman" is certainly a track legend although I don't own an example that's particularly fast. It's a relatively narrow car with a short wheelbase and lots of mass(much of it above the axles) which isn't necessarily a recipe for stability. (FWIW, the plastic-on-metal version of this casting has less issues w/stability albeit in a lighter package) But like most narrow castings, if you manage to find a good tracking example that rolls well it can be a bracket killer on almost any drag course.

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kylejake 9/29/16

We have been racing diecast cars of all brands since 2009 and we have raced several of the Huffman Stockers and not one has ever won it all. They are a pretty heavy casting and very nice looking but as we call them BRIDESMAIDS! Jeremy Founder/President of the Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club

  • Bridesmaids are a good description, the bride is usually heavier with FTE axles! — gtaman
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kylejake 9/29/16

I also think it's more of a short track racer.

This car has wheels and axles in which were made in China. The round parts of the wheels which touches the chassis is much longer unlike wheels made in other countries, increasing the car's track width. The Mattel plant in China also galvanized their axles just like FTEs in the mid '90s before getting rid of the method around 1998. They do perform better than FTEs the last time I used them on a few mods.

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FOTF 9/30/16

This is one of those cars that CAN be fast, but rather rarely. They also sometimes might need time to loosen up to reach their full potential. I have one that's somewhat-decent right now (though it wouldn't really compete against my fastest HW Stock (non Funny Car/Redline) cars, and I once had one that seemed faster than this one (though it certainly isn't any more). I'm not sure how many my dad and I have between us--at least four, maybe up to six.

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gtaman 9/30/16

Hey man, love orangetrackdiecast, always good stuff, I have your posts come to the top of my facebook feed.  

I have not raced that car in particular, but it has nothing special causing it to be fast, 

Is it heavy? no

Is it long? no

Does it have faster than ever axles? no

It could be an outlier, but you would just have to run it to find out.  (which we can do!)

  • Thank you for the feedback! That is excellent. I am honored that you read the articles. — BigBadBrad01
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BigBadBrad01 9/30/16

WOW! Thank you guys for the comments! I am truly amazed at how much you guys know about Hot Wheels racing. I didn't get the article done in time for today, but it should appear sometime next week. If you don't mind, I'd love to quote a few of you based on what you said in this thread.

  • No probs w/me...quote away — GspeedR
  • That'd be fine with me! — FOTF
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