Combination diecast sale and racing in Cincinnati, Apil 16

HarvestmanMan Monday, 3/28/2011

Hi everyone,

I set up a non-diecast-themed booth last year at this event: ... 10416.aspx

This year, I'll be bringing my own 12-foot downhill track and a few cars to give away! I plan on doing this in the following way:

1. There are two people facing off per run.
2. Each run is 25 cents per person.
3. Each person chooses a car and races against the other.
4. The person with the winning car gets to keep the car, but may not race it again. The losing participant must return their car, but may race again (at cost) if they choose.

I hope to be there both weekends. If you choose to come, see you there! This is about half an hour from downtown Cincy, where the Nationals will be held the weekend of April 16. I do this both for the fun of it and to make room for some new additions to the collection. See ya there!

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