Completed full track and new POV video - Widowmaker Run ready for races soon!

WidowmakerRun Friday, 7/24/2020

Finally finished my start gate and traffic light and did a POV from start to finish....Races coming shortly in a week or two hopefully.


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Chaos_Canyon 7/24/20

Nice to see a full run on the track. Looking forward to your races. Sorry it's missed teh DSPN report for this week but we'll get it into next weeks one

Awesome! That is a LONG track. What's the track length and starting height?

155 feet long.  Start line is around 16 feet high in attic of garage to finish line jump on ground level.  Most cars should run between 25 seconds and 35 seconds.  Lots of cars wont make it to the finish...any dnf is considered a fatality.  Cars get 3 lives per race or they are removed from the track.  So a tournament could end with no winner.

  • That is a ridiculously long track and that guy didn't even get to the finish. Nice! — redlinederby
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dribblybob 7/25/20

That is a hell of a track there! Looking forward to this one!

Also great job on that video, that was quite entertaining

Saw this in the new Grab Bag. Very cool track.  Is this track still in operation??

  • I haven't seen anything HW related from them for about a year or more — Chaos_Canyon
  • Tom, are you still doing the news. I haven't see one post for quite awhile. — Garden_Super_Speedway_Park
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Great  video!!!!

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WallyChamp73 3/19/23


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