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Killer_Wheels2002_Produccion Friday, 2/17/2023

Any tips for making a mini cardboard track that doesn't take up as much space?


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Crazy_Canuck 2/20/23

See ChaosCanyons old looks big on screen, but was built in a shed and was absolutely epic in its racing 

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redlinederby 2/20/23
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You can also check out the Track Materials listing of topics...lots of various threads on cardboard and other things people use to build their tracks:

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SpyDude 2/20/23

Flintlock Highway, 90% cardboard construction. I'm still blown away by the level of sheer artistic talent on this modular track.

  • that one is so cool! great things in tiny spaces, I love the pizza box railroads people build, too — dr_dodge
  • @dr_dodge: I once saw a model train layout literally made IN a pizza box. The entire theme of the tiny railroad was—wait for it—shipping the ingredients for a pizza! — SpyDude
  • there used to be a site this guy (carl?) had and people would build those in all scales up to 1/24 — dr_dodge
  • I found it some amazing diorama work!! — dr_dodge
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FeralPatrick 2/20/23

905Diecast has one made of sheet styrofoam and it's a beauty! Makes excellent use of limited space, too:

  • That is a great track! Love the cars covered in snow under the jump at 3:45 — SpyDude
  • BTW, excellent recovery and advancing on at Funkhouser on Saturday! — FeralPatrick
  • that is a cool track with limited space I am stoked to run on it — dr_dodge
  • Same. I have 2 in the mail right now. Freezie and Wheelie. — FeralPatrick
  • crazy's is next on deck with the sisters of the diecast, gotta get 2 others done first — dr_dodge
  • @FM: Thanks! I was sure glad I left the rollcage in the 510! Now you know why I have all those primer patches here and there on my car! — SpyDude
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