Contact Far Out Toys and ask for Crash Racers track packs

FredD Wednesday, 9/13/2023

I don't know if this has been mentioned or done before, but this is the contact for Far Out Toys. I left a message under business opportunities and asked them to consider making track expansion packs of straights and curves available seoerately from the complete track packages. Maybe if enough folks engage them on this topic, they would consider it. Would be a lot more convenient than buying 3-4 or 5 and more complete sets, although they probably don't mind that cash coming in... anyway, just a thought probably others already have had... but here is the link if interested...


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redlinederby 9/13/23
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Really good call to action, Fred. No reason they can't follow the Mattel playbook and start putting put track packs for Crash Racers. They could even overcharge and we'd probably still buy it, lol...heck, slot cars and trains do it all the time.

I'd like to think the Far Out Toys outreach team is well aware of all the mountain tracks being made with the products, especially since 90% of it is YouTubed extremely well. The data is right there and maybe some direct requests can put a little more ammo on the table.

What types of Crash Racers track packs would you want to see?

  • Track packs could be multiples of straights... 2, 4, 8? Curves should be enough for a 90 but more is fine! — FredD
  • I did the same and never heard back, had explained how a "pro package" would be nice, I suspect they are totally happy selling us all the extra stuff we don't — dr_dodge
  • also asked if the straights could be bought in a roll — dr_dodge
  • maybe if they get pinged enough they might try it... they are a small manufacturer but maybe willing if enough demand? — FredD
  • someone here works for a plastics co. — dr_dodge
  • I have thought, spec your own extruded vinyl, my Jamestown raceway is experimenting with rib heights, but I looked into custom plastics for the electric '80 Indy car EV, expensive for one person, but a bunch, prob not so bad — dr_dodge
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