Corkscrew Canyon

Darnquick2021 Saturday, 1/30/2021


Love the diorama. Can't wait to see some races.

  • We have a few races on u tube, fathersondiecast and Instagram — Darnquick2021


YouTube channel 

YouTube channel Fatherson Diecast




  • Nice. I love the sound of that track. It's beautiful. Also great backgrounds and dioramas. 8 cars would be an interesting sight on that track. — RoadRunnerRacewayFan
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SpyDude 1/31/21

DUDE .. you have some awesome cars there.  Love the Chevy diorama and the Corvette on the flatbed.

These look great!  Thanks for sharing the photos!


Check out our latest race on YouTube El Camino Vs. Skyline

We modified a couple cars for racing and did a best 3 of 5 race and it is our most competetive race yet.

Enjoy the racing 


  • DUDE............... awesome runs! That last-second pass at the line by the El Camino was insane! — SpyDude
  • I say it all the time, "that is why we race" =) — Darnquick2021

Can anyone help us out finding a timing system that will work on our track? All the ones I find online are for single lane racing and we need one that will work on the fat track. Plus we're manually starting way up top and our finish line is a long way down so I'm not sure how all that would connect together. I feel like once we have a legit timing system we can do some serious tournament races.


Our next race is up on the you tubes

DRF Diecast Racing Federation Tournament Round 2

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