Corvette Summer 2018, Ohio

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018
redlinederby Wednesday, 7/18/2018
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This race is part of the 2018 Corvette Summer series. This race is not open to new entries.

This is the 5th race in the Corvette Summer series and will be running in Ohio on the Redline Derby Speedway. Racing will start on Sunday 7/22 and roll throughout the week. I'll try to put together some quick-n-dirty video highlights but will most likely post results prior to the video, just so I can get the cars off their next stop in a timely manner.

This thread will be status updates, brackets, video, etc.

Results & commentary

After another stop on the long road that is Corvette Summer, congratulations to 41-14 Racing for winning the Ohio leg of the series. They duked it out with the Lady of Speed in the final, leaving Speed Force and League of Speed to battle out for the bronze.

Here are the Top 4 for Ohio:

1st - 41-14 Racing
2nd - Lady of Speed
3rd - Speed Force
4th - League of Speed

Check out the full standings and final bracket for this race. Video is currently being put together and will be posted once it's finished. Fair warning, I only have video for final 3 rounds of racing, sorry.



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redlinederby 7/24/18
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Getting a later start on racing than expected and I probably won't have video for all the rounds, sorry. Just running out of time...such a big field of cars!!

Here is the bracket - place your bets!

I probably won't update the bracket until after all the racing is done. Bracket will get updated before any video gets produced.

Looks good...Corvette Summer rolls on........

What is the  latest update on the vettes?

  • Unknown...going to give RLD till tomorrow and touch base — LeagueofSpeed
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redlinederby 7/29/18
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Results have been posted. See the first post for recap and link. Video will get posted once I get it together.

There was a lot of great racing, as has been par for the course during the entire series. It was cool seeing so many of the same casting, and seeing how they were modded differently and performed. 

The cars are on their way south for the next stop before heading to Florida and then back to North Carolina for the finals. Series points and standings will get updated soon.

Fantastic Job 41-14!!!! The Legion will March out of Ohio with our heads held high...3 of the Final 4!!!

Awesome Job RLD...Quest Speeway awaits the arrival of Corvette Summer.

  • Thx LoS. Wow. That’s some fast company there. I’m surprised I went all the way. Figured my day was done in the third round when I had to meet Robby. — 41-14
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Diecast64 7/30/18

Congrats 41-14 and Legion of Speed! Also thanks Brian for hosting and running the cars!

Looking forward to the next stop!

  • Thx Robby. Didn’t have much hopes for this race when I seen the bracket and knew I’d be meeting you in the third round. Wow. I can’t believe I actually won a race in corvette summer. — 41-14
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41-14 7/30/18

Wow. Really looking forward to the video highlights. Thx Brian for hosting us at Ohio. Job well done. 

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NDeavers80 7/31/18

So I finally actually win 2 races and there's no video? Well poo....

  • I'll post a video when I can sit and put it together but won't be the full bracket of races. — redlinederby

Is there video? 

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