Crazy Racing

ruslevich Tuesday, 1/18/2022

Hello racing fans!
I came across a video with racing tracks on YouTube, carried away and wanted to build my own track!
At first glance, everything is easy, but there are certain difficulties!
I'll start in order!
The first thing I did was to see how and from what you can make a landscape!
The second is the materials: Since this was the first experience, it was decided to make a lightweight structure from a wood frame, 10 screws and Styrofoam, which I glued with a glue gun!
Third: The decor was made of foam rubber, carpet for cars and sentipon!
Fourth: there were purchased yellow tracks and a wide track from hot wheels on a 3D printer ordered a print of 90 degrees and 30 degrees. At first I thought the starting one would be ready-made from the set, but then I improved it.
And here the difficulties begin:
The first is to set up the track so that the cars don't fly out...
The second problem is people, pick the right scale and find the subject.
I started racing, it's time to promote the channel ...
While I'm doing my tournaments, gain subscribers and views, and then I plan to make tournaments with channel subscribers!
Here is such a brief history of my race track Crazy Racing!
Criticism support is welcome!


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PagodaRacing 1/18/22


Looking good so far!

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