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Damnation Alley - Build Journal

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The Loop section is being pulled from the Damnation Alley build...the success rate for the cars was just to low for a mail-in race me, I've tested...changed the Drop from 4' @ 30" to 6' @ 42"...changed the loops in the Loop section and the the success rate for a run end to end is less than 50% for a majority of the castings...and that's just not fair in the spirit of competition. I may revisit the Loop section in the future, but a track in the RLD family of tracks needs to be fun and fair for all levels of builders and racers.

Peace and Speed - League of Speed. 

  • Probably a good call. I had a similar experience when I was experimenting with a loop, the success rate was woeful. — TuxMcBea
  • I feel like I did all I could and track building is my, I can rest easy knowing I tried everything at my disposal. — LeagueofSpeed

Redoing the Transition just about done with this build.

  • Where'd you get that plastic transition piece? I need to get me one of those! — WorpeX

Those are the launch ramps in the Jump sets turned around backwards.

  • You have to cut some of the feet away from each one where they meet in the center to keep the lanes side by side — LeagueofSpeed
  • They are my Transition for Tobacco Road, Bootleg Run and now Damnation Alley — LeagueofSpeed

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