DCRPT Street Wars

Tracanas_DCRPT Sunday, 5/10/2020

So now that my Portuguese championship is over, I've rebuilt my track and I've started a series called Street Wars.

The goal it's to find the champion of the track. For now the CRX takes the spot and (I hope) once a week he's taking 4 contenders for that spot. They will race eachother 2 at a time and the one who wins 2 races advances on until one of them faces the actual champion.

Yeah, I know that is a well known formula but it's working fine for me.

This time the track is open to customs as well. 

For now, here's the 3 episodes, hope you all like it.





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Chaos_Canyon 5/13/20

I like how a few of the drivers got loose in turn two, looked like it was over but they back the car out of the rail, then turn back down hill and keep racing. 


  • I like this actual track but due the lack of space I can't make it longer... Still a lot to do on this track, but for now it works... That turn 2 gives me a lot of headache, need it to be more banked but I can't bend that plastic. — Tracanas_DCRPT

Another episode.


Here we go !!!! Episode 6!


Good Stuff my Brother 

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TuxMcBea 5/22/20

That CRX is one QUICK car!!

  • Sure is! Or maybe I need to make better customs eheheheh — Tracanas_DCRPT

The chevelle.


  • I love how the driver in the final, stops to make sure the other guy is ok, before carrying on to finish. Very classy driving! :) — Chaos_Canyon
  • Fair play most of all, and in the second corner it happens a lot too. — Tracanas_DCRPT
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