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Decade Wars

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just stoped by the post office and got a lot of cars some from tex tenn racing, rusty rod racing, shane parker, mr reggie sheldton, thomas flipiack, and man child racing with some from bolo brown on the way

Cool! No rhyme or reason for mine just a hodgepodge. Lol

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MadMike 1/9/22

Is it too late to enter i have one ready to go

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Rusty_Rod 1/31/22

Did you get your YouTube channel up and running for the races 

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Numbskull 1/31/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.

Any word on PayPal or Venmo?

I need to pay for the returns... 

just so everyone is awar the first vidoe for this race may be a bit late because currently i am sick and do not feel like recording it

for people who did not see it

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