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Decade Wars

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Count LYDC in. Sounds fun John!

Super happy to see this event pushed to mid February. I got to watch my first two builds go down the track over this past week. Let's just say that the chance to build multiple cars against a distant deadline is (hopefully) gonna be a good thing for me. 

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Bolo_Brown 11/16/21

I would like to participate in this tournament. What kind of track will everybody be racing on

  • the track is under construction but it is a lane into open track and it is pretty long — John_Receveur
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Rusty_Rod 12/3/21

I'd like to participate in this event ,Do you have a YouTube channel 

  • at the moment no but i am going to make one soon — John_Receveur
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Papa_Pugsley 12/26/21

I will be sending in 3 entries

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MagicMike 12/27/21

Awesome. I'll be sending in a couple/few entries at least.

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WallyChamp73 12/27/21


I would like to participate.  Let me know if I am in.


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KCLH_Racing 12/29/21

Can you count KCLH Racing in for this event?

So just send you a casting or do I have to register?

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Rusty_Rod 12/30/21

My 2 entries are on their way 

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Mayfield41 12/31/21

I'll start preparing mine right away

Count me in (trying for 1 per decade) 


Code 3 Motorsports 

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