How to report results for your races

redlinederby Saturday, 9/7/2019
Site manager

You can easily update race results for any race thread that has a date. You may see a notification on the page and receive an email reminder once the date has passed. You can use the links provided in the notifications or you can access the results form at any time using the button links on the topic front page.

You can report 1st thru 5th place for a race. You don't have to provide all five, but you are encouraged to report the Top 3 if you can.

If you start typing in a racer name and that person is already a member of Redline Derby, you should choose their name from the list. When members are picked, the wins are tracked and accumlate over time.

However, if you have a racer that is not already a RLD member, you may type in their name and it will be saved. (This does NOT create an account for them).

You may also paste in a YouTube video link for highlights and/or provide some commentary. All information you provide will be displayed on a special Race Review front page for the topic. This gives visitors a quick recap of the race, and then they may continue on to the normal thread as usual.

You are encouraged to provide some sort of race recap, even if it's just the top finishers. The more you can share, the better people will be able to understand what happened in your race.

You can add results to your race thread at anytime, so if you had a race that ended recently, you can go back and add results for the Race Review page. Give it a try!

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