Engraving a car, the dedicated customizing job

redlinederby Sunday, 2/4/2024
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Every now and then social media throws me something interesting...today it was this: custom engraving a car.

Comes from the R&L Customs group on Facebook. 

They appear focus on the super custom side of things but even a quick scroll through their photos is pretty nice to see and get some cool ideas.


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dr_dodge 2/4/24

I like that idea


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RC_Attucks 2/4/24

Talk about being intricate... I'm still working on basic painting and putting decals on straight. #nextlevel

  • I know, looks like a belt buckle — redlinederby
  • think of using a "tip" engraver and drawing flames first, paint it, then wash the engraved stuff back to the front, clearcoat — dr_dodge
  • it would sharpen the edge, and then feather to the front — dr_dodge
  • or do a snake skin pattern, barbed wire, actually a fantastic idea, the more I ponder — dr_dodge
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dr_dodge 2/4/24

we use these at work, they'd do amazing in diecast


guess I'll get one


  • The guy who did the etching is likely the same guy who told me he uses a hammer and nail. — FeralPatrick
  • what!!! — dr_dodge
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FredD 2/4/24

Thats some next level carving right there!

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redlinederby 2/5/24
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More I stare at this, the more I'm even thinking about side panels on some of the big castings - like the vans, trucks, etc - lots of real estate to play with on those.

I'd imagine the metal is pretty soft to carve with that engraver tool too? Although I'm not sure I have the dexterity or eyes to do this now! 

I bet some of the tattoo artist folks could make it look easy

  • When I was a moderator in the Hot Wheels collectors FB group last year the person you highlighted is (I think) the same guy who told me he uses just a nail and a hammer to do his etching, which is even more insane. — FeralPatrick
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dr_dodge 2/8/24

Good evening all,

I got the engraver

and redlines van idea, I always loved the van murals, so

target aquired;  r2d2 on the milk truck,

and use the tempo for the pattern

engrave the outlines

strip, fill etched lines w' gold paint, and polish

will post vids


  • sweet! looking forward to see the results! — FredD
  • or a destroyed car, but theres always bondo — dr_dodge
  • Good luck! Can't wait to see it! — StrayDog
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