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Delayed races, returning cars

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Uncle_Elvis 11/21/20

His FB post today:

The League of Speed...alone on a island...foolish of you all...The Music from the Elders is coming...a Reckoning

  • Prose all you want David. But in the meantime, please return our cars. They are not yours and neither is the money we sent you to return them. I have respectfully requested them 4 times within the past 30 days with no response. Please return the cars and sent a private message with the tracking. Thank you, Bo — Your_Nightmare
  • The Reckoning might be a whole lot different than he thinks it might be, and reflected back at himself. — SpyDude
  • The music of the elders was one of Kiss' worst albums. — Peter_Bee
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Your_Nightmare 11/30/20

How is everyone doing in getting their cars back?

Congrats to Nick for getting not only this year's cars, but also cars from 2 years ago...

David, you have 150 to 200 cars in your possession which aren't yours. You also had substantial return money sent to you and in your possession.

I've respectfully requested in a private message the return of my cars 4 times over the last month, to no response.

Has anyone else messaged him privately, and what progress can anyone report?


  • I have messaged him through this site AND Messenger, commented on his FB post (and got unfriended), simply asking he return the cars that have raced and were paid for. No replies to anything. — Peter_Bee
  • Hello YNR, I have sent a polite private message, making enquiries. (I have 6 builds the for the Dixie GP, sent from Oz...) To date I have not yet received a response. Cheers. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • I got a message today that I’d have a tracking number tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes. — BlueLineRacing
  • So basically he picking and choosing whose cars to return. Even though a lot of us asked for them back. What a real piece of work he is. By these standards I'll never see my cars again. He is a liar and thief in my book. — CrazyEights
  • Glad you might actually get your cars back, Blue. — CrazyEights
  • I tried to ask where everyone else's cars are and was basically told to mind my own business I got my cars back, not by David by another member. — NDeavers80
  • At least you got them. I imagine all the OG racers will get theirs back. — CrazyEights
  • David Currin send the cars back to people asking for them. If anything has been done to our cars we are ready for a huge fight. You have had our cars since July. You’re a scammer and shame on this site for back you up and allowing you to do this. This web page and David will be blasted it all over the Internet of our cars are not retuned. — Colton13
  • He actually has cars from redline derby too. this site no longer has an association with him. — CrazyEights
  • IMO this issue doesn’t belong to the RLD site as it's been pretty clear that the site owner has made multiple attempts to resolve the issue to the best of his ability, and has reported his efforts to the audience here. There is no question that BV has been bamboozled by this guy Currin just like the rest of us. However, as the sole instigator of this issue Currin is a different story. Considering that Currin went online and used the USPS to deceptively solicit for & obtain property and money from individuals I'm wondering if his actions could constitute mail fraud? While individually each item he's deceptively acquired might not have a lot of monetary value, taken as a whole there is a decent total value he's acquired. Might be worth a visit to to review the guidelines and possibly initiate a report of suspected mail fraud - Bruno — ChiefWopahoo
  • Yea colton rld isnt responsible. League of speed is. — NDeavers80

I am not here to get anyone more angry than they already are. I am pretty upset myself. The cars LOS has of mine were some of the first races I was in. Value wasn't much but on principle alone it was frustrating. I don't know David at all. He reached out to me early on about my track and we chatted one time briefly . I decided to send him a message and asked for my cars. A few days later he sent me a tracking number. I don't know why he decided to respond and truth be told I wish he returned some of your cars first as mine aren't as important to me as they are to some of you. I hesitated to post this because I did not think it would make anyone any less angry but I want to give you all some hope that maybe he will return yours also.

  • Cool congrats on getting your cars back. I hope he comes thru for everyone else too — NDeavers80
  • I am glad you got a tracking number but have your cars actually arrived? Until this happens to each and every person that sent him cars this is far from over. David Currin needs to be held responsible for his inaction. Instead of whining like a little baby to someone sympathetic he could be spending that same time mailing everyone's cars back. I am not colton24 or whoever that is some more garbage David is coming up with to try to make me look like I am the bad person yet he is the one holding on to good peoples cars and their return postage money. In North Carolina this is called obtaining property by false pretenses and he can and might still be arrested. He has until December 7 to get my cars in my mail box or Holly Springs Police will get involved. Regards Herbie — Herb_Parker
  • Congrats on getting a Tracking number. I have heard a couple of other racers have received a number also. This is good news. David has 8 cars of mine, 2 of which were raced back in July. The other 6 were sent in for a race that was scheduled for August but hasn't been run yet. I'm not so much angry as I am disappointed. The 2 cars that raced were my first ever Mail-In cars, so, in addition to their actual value, there is a bit of sentimental value also. I have been messaging David off and on since August to get those 2 cars back in particular. I'm hoping that the spark for the hobby returns to David and he starts running races again. He was a valuable member of the hobby and it's a shame that this thing has detracted from his reputation. If cars are being returned though, I think we all would welcome him back. We are all imperfect humans and sometimes things can get out of our control. Take care and see ya at the races! — Peter_Bee

The tracking number says they are coming today. If they come and if they all come and in what condition remains to be seen. I want everyone to know if they do come so I will post it here. I also know telling people they came when they haven't received their cars back gets people pretty angry. I don't know why he sent mine back, other than I asked in a private message. I've only been racing here for 6 months so I'm not anyone special by any means but hopefully this means everyone is getting a package soon.

  • My tracking number says Sat. I too reached out in a private message and was polite and courteous. I also asked for some other peoples cars and we will see what's in it. He only had 4 cars of mine but one was my favorite and fastest stock. I hope everyone gets theirs back soon as well. Unfortunate situation but it seems he is trying to make things right. I truly hope everyone gets their cars back soon. Also hope this don't discourage others for entering races on Redline. Good luck to everyone. — Mayfield41
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CrazyEights 12/4/20

The problem is he already knew who wanted their cars back. That's why this topic was started in the first place by Bryan. I've asked several times for my cars. I shouldn't have to ask again. He's an adult. Stop acting like a child and make good on your promises from weeks ago.

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Your_Nightmare 12/16/20

Two weeks have past.

Has anyone received their cars besides Tim or Nick?

Has anyone received a response from him indicating their expected return?

Has anyone had experience dealing with the USPS in reporting mail fraud in the past?


  • I have a tracking number, he sent them Dec 1st and they still haven’t arrived. The mail is a mess right now — BlueLineRacing
  • Yeah...not that I really believe he sent anything out, but even if he did, given the state of USPS I wouldn't expect anything soon. — redlinederby
  • Hi Bo, I have sent messages to enquire, but have not had any replies. Cheers. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Thanks Marc, a reply would indicating when they plan to ship in the near future would suffice. No response here either. — Your_Nightmare
  • Soon enough he will have sent the right cars back to garner enough sympathy votes to weasel his way back into the racing community. its true. so many people still take up for him. can't tell you how many YouTube comments I've been blocked from for calling him out whenever and where ever I see him. surprised his lap dog isn't on here taking up for him again. — CrazyEights
  • Bark bark! I assume your talking bout me? Tell you what, ill reach out to David again over the next couple days and instead of checking on his and his family's well being, I'll see if he will send the 10 or so Mods and handful of stockers I have in his possession back to me. With your blessin, ill see if he will send yours along with em and make sure they get back to you. What you got...couple funny's over there? I get em back, you will get yours back too? Sound good? — Mattman213
  • So what well being story are we supposed to believe this time. I mean there's been so much misfortune in that household its hard to keep track. — CrazyEights
  • Try to ask him maybe? He, like most folks around here, is a decent dude and ive enjoyed racing with and against him over the past year and some change. I dont appreciate his lack of communication either and likely have 5 times the cars you have in his possession over there that I could be racing elsewhere and will do what I can to get them back, but also checked in to see what was up, put the hobby aside and check on the person himself. If that makes me a "lap dog" then so be it. Ide do the same for just about everyone else on here Ive had the pleasure to race with and come to know thanks to this hobby! Now, do you want me to try and get your Funny's back with my stuff or what? — Mattman213
  • I have checked in dude. As I told ya before get your facts straight before come at me. Got the private messages to prove it. that dudes story changes more than diapers. He's nothing more than a liar and a thief. — CrazyEights
  • — Mattman213
  • Hey Mattman213. Woof woof. Just seen this post and thought he was talking about me. ???? tried to explain that sometimes family and life take precedent over toys. But what do I know. David has cars of mine as well. But I know they are safe. And I’m not in a panic to get them back. 75% of the races on RLD were held at the LoS headquarters. But how quickly they forget. — 41-14
  • But it was a nice gesture by you to talk to David to get certain whiners cars back. I guess you didn’t get a reply because you offered to help and he’d rather stir up shit. ???????? — 41-14
  • Ha I know there are some decent folks around here who have gotten to know and enjoy LOS and all he had to offer. Yeah it was a bit annoying but not enough to threaten or get my shorts in a bunch. I will be racing with him again once things get back to where he can host again for sure. Crickets from Mike on the offer so Ill take it as a nope and move forward. — Mattman213
  • As will I brother. As will I. Always a good show and awesome racing at the LoS headquarters. — 41-14

I received my cars back from LOS on December 12. They were shipped December 9.

  • Yay — NDeavers80
  • That's good! Did you message him on here, or some other way? — Your_Nightmare
  • I messaged him on Facebook. — Secondhand_Speed
  • The good news is some of my cars came today. The bad news is my Funny Cars did not and I don’t expect they will. I’m calling it a loss at this point. — BlueLineRacing
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Uncle_Elvis 12/24/20

I ain't going to call it a Christmas Miracle, because it is just toy cars, BUT I got ALL of mine returned today. 

That is super ironic because I did not care if I got any returned other than the two stock funny cars (out of 14 cars total). 

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Peter_Bee 12/26/20

I just got back from my mailbox, and lo and behold, I got ALL my cars back from League of Speed. I got the 2 that raced in the May/June RLDL Double-header, and the 6 I sent for the Poppa Speed Invitational. 

If David is watching this thread, I just want to say Thanks. You don't know how much I appreciate this.

Take care everyone and see ya at the races!

  • Looks like he's at least trying to redeem himself, and that shows he has integrity. Good man. — SpyDude
  • Congrats — NDeavers80
  • Fantastic Peter! Great news! I look forward to getting a reply from LoS to my messages, so I know what is going on. Cheers, Merry Christmas! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • I think he will make it right for everyone — BlueLineRacing
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Mattman213 12/26/20

Got my box today as well.  I held out for a while on hopes to see some of them run again, ESPECIALLY the Poppa Speed cars but really wanted some of them back to send to Bluelines race if possible.

I appreciate it David and wish you well till your back in a place to hold races again!


  • Great! Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • I didn't know you was L&M racing, that pink Charger was stupid fast. And are those Thunderbird pro stocks in the back row. — Mayfield41
  • YEP! Thats my Wife and Son's team, Lukie & Momma Racing LOL. I used to let Luke pick cars and paint them (or tell me what he wanted) and if it was a two car per team race I would let them both have a pick. Pink Charger, the pearl pink Tbird, the light blue 57 Chevy, the blue painted altered drag thingy, the green dragster and the pink polka dotted indy car are all my Wife's entries. "Joaquine" the blue and gold Gasser (named from my Son's favorite movie at the time), the King and the black No Fear indy were all Luke's picks. When I started on the Poppa Speed entries I decided that 2 teams of 2 cars each was too much so I would just enter one team and let them pick and paint one of the entries. This will likely be how it goes from there on. L&M got quite a few fact it often whooped my own fielded team. Part of me thought about dropping my screen name and going strictly to L&M to keep the luck going LOL — Mattman213
  • Oh and yeah, those are Tbird Pro Stocks that I was sending for the Pro Stock class at Poppa Speed. Only Pro Stocks I had that were worth a flip and they both turned out to be super decent. Im bummed they didnt get a chance to compete. Hopefully this series will be revived one day so these builds can all see action. — Mattman213
  • Wonderfully encouraging! Guess I'll have to make a trip to the PO and see if there's anything waiting. — redlinederby
  • I, like others, just reached out to him and asked. I hated taking them back but IF these races come back around they will be ready to go! — Mattman213

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