Diecast Driftpad, now you can drift too

redlinederby Monday, 1/5/2015
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It seems our friends over at TYOTOYS have turned their Hot Wheels drifting project into a final product - the Diecast Driftpad. They're selling a 16x20 pad for $15 and that includes some diorama goodies to boot. It's sticky on the back so you can design and build your own drift course.

The price tag doesn't seem bad to me...reasonable, at least. I might order one of these and give it a go and see what can be created. Although I think we all envision this parking garage-like spiral where the cars just keep drifting and drifting and drifting...

And if you haven't yet, check out our interview with TYOTOYS about their diecast drifting project. Can't say it's not a nifty idea.


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model40fan 1/6/15

I am old... like drag racing... not roundy round... don't get into movies much... so I don't see the interest in skidding a hot wheels... enlighten me...

As a kid I would slide and skid my cars in an effort to get around an obstacle, or other cars. I would spend hours doing this getting the slide just right. Because as a kid you want your toys to do what they can’t… in this case turn. Or blame my ADD, OCD

I do like the Jersey barriers and traffic cones…now if we just knew somebody who could mold up a bunch??? Hmmm?

  • So, the guy Jersey gets to mold the Jersey barriers? :) — 72_Chevy_C10
  • Hey, that's what they're called...shoe fits? — Traction-Event
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GspeedR 1/6/15

It seems like it probably took considerable time to design & construct the drift courses shown in video, at least to get them consistently functional with the cars shown. Lots of trial & error...possibly more than the average kid has patience for. Still, a unique idea.

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redlinederby 1/7/15
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That's a funny question because I never thought about it...why is drifting fun?

I don't know...probably what TE said, because on any normal day, cars don't drift. Plus it's simple physics but it's science I don't understand nor does it look like it should work. I remember skidding my Big Wheel and bike up and down my driveway when I was a kid. Hours of fun (despite my dad yelling at me for leaving rubber tracks).

And I think Smitty hit the nail on the head too...I saw skidding on TV shows/movies all day long, so I wanted to do that with my cars. Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider...heck, Bullit...they all skid around corners and it looks cool. Shoot ahead 20+ years and I'm watching rally racing where they do the same thing, only in snow and dirt...it looks like fun!!

I have to admit that drifting Hot Wheels is somewhat of a parlor trick. The video looks great due to slow motion and the setup. In practice at my home with books and cardboard it would probably be less spectacular. I see something like this is a building too that unlocks a new way to think about playing with your cars. Who knows, maybe in the near future we'll have drifting tournaments along side our drag races...

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CrzyTrkrDude 6/14/15

I am a weird one. I LOVE the original " Gone in 60 seconds " movie with it's 45 minute solid car chase, over 200 cars destroyed. Genuine Destruction...( but I am still sad to see that mint condition early 70's challenger go into the shredder)... HATE the new version. 

I LOVE the old car scenes, grew up watching CHiP's, Rockford, Simon n Simon. (Dan Tannah's) Vegas...  Emergency One, One Adam 12... THE GOOD STUFF where they just did stuff for real. No cars being dropped from car haulers... ( Bad Boys 2?)  No punks in farty little Saki rockets... No huge unrealistic fireballs...  

Sorry, I digress.. Lol

I LOVE seeing a car skid around corners.  SKID ALL DAY! I LOVE IT. 

Drift.... Yawn city. Sure, I get it. Don't get me wrong. Scrrreeeeechhhhh, come close to a wall... I get it. Been there myself a few times... I've probably made more donuts than Mr Dunkee himself in my day.... Once saw my speedo read 95 while sliding backwards doing 30... But that's another thread altogether. (72 impala 4 door 350 stock... Called it The Turd because it was brown ( but then, weren't they all? Both, turds and brown) but the real reason why is because on Friday nights, the way I drove it, that's what you checked for when you got out. 


Drifting.... I don't like it. It is dangerous and has today's youth all wigged out and getting themselves buried. NOT COOL!  


YES PLEASE!!  I will one day build a course. It is harmless. It LOOKS challenging. It looks like ALOT OF FUN!!

I am AMAZED at what they are doing with these little cars. SIMPLY AMAZED at the time and effort set down for this.

I WILL one day build a track. Unless some whoha inna Honda drifts too close to the big blue truck. ( saying a PRAYER right now)...

  • ( but I still say Fury Road is the GREATEST movie EVER. now that's the weird part... — CrzyTrkrDude
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