Diecast Euro Cup 2022 FULL ROSTER

Saturday, March 19th, 2022
Hosted by Live Young Die-Cast

Race review


The Grand Championship Race for the 2022 Diecast Euro Cup.
To get to this grand final race, each driver had to win one of the four series leading up. They raced in an epic 8 lap grand final on July 1, 2022. The final points earned for the 4 drivers were extremely tight with champ taking it by home by 1 point.

Cheers and congratulations to the grand champion and congrats to the winner of each individual series. Thanks for racing with us!

Flip: GRAND CHAMPION and Porsche series winner.
Flip's Racing

Mr. Darq: 2nd Place and Lamborghini series winner.
Dubious Diecast Racing

R-Lo: 3rd Place and McLaren Lotus series winner.
R-Lo Racing

Gray Wizard: 4th Place and Ferrari series winner.
Golden Owl Racing

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