DieCast Racing Portugal Street Racing 2021 Championship Track!

Tracanas_DCRPT Sunday, 2/7/2021

Hey guys. I know its been a while, but im planning to bring up again my Diecast Racing Portugal youtube page and facebook again. 

This year im building a permanent outside track. Ive spotted a good place for me to set up my 4 meter dragstrip, using the nature as my background.

So ive bought a 2 meter pvc sqare tubing and sawed it in half, then ive painted a road and made the railings with some maintenance tape.

The track will be semi burried and will have some houses and roads around it, and i woll make some enter and exit tunnel using local rocks to mesh with the track.

Hoping to post more soon!



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KPS_Kustomz 2/7/21

I can't wait to see this...sounds awesome! My bestfriend and I had a killer, off road racetrack in the woods behind my old house in Jacksonville, Oregon back in the early 80's!

Ive also made this garage to go with the track...

Introducing the DieCast Racing Portugal Street Racing 2021 Championship Track!


Heres some more pics from the track and the first Round of the 2021Street Racing Championship! 

hope you all enjoy it!


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Chaos_Canyon 2/14/21

Looks cool man. Nice work

  • Thanks! Nothing compared to your videos but im.having fun and thats important — Tracanas_DCRPT
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