Diecast Racing TR-Arya Mountain Race Track

diecastracingtr Tuesday, 11/1/2022

Hello everyone. I learned that there is such a community when one of my subscribers mentioned you and I wanted to join you.
As a youtube content producer, I share with you my own track, ARYA mountain.

If there is no problem, I am adding the channel link so that you can see the track more easily.

Diecast Racing TR



I think I opened the topic in the wrong place, I would be grateful if the administrator transfers it to the right place. Thank you

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dr_dodge 11/1/22

That is a great looking track,
did you build it all from scratch?
if you have build photos, start a thread under track builds,

Love the stonework

  • thanks. Yes, I made it all from scratch. I covered the roads with special foil. The structure consists entirely of polyurethane foam and aluminum. Unfortunately, I did not record the construction phase. I did not think :) — diecastracingtr
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JB144 11/2/22

Welcome to the derby.

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