Diorama track upgrade

AbbyNormal Wednesday, 6/26/2024

For those late night modding and  testing sessions, I just installed a coffee shop on the lower level. Plenty of parking even for that jerk in the 'vette who parks catty-wampus. This is a card stock photo-real construction. 


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CanesBart 6/26/24

Really nice

Absolutely it is nice looking!

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Banjo 6/27/24

Great looking building! I'm really getting into the diorama side of track building too. 


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LobotomyScam 6/28/24

Very nice, indeed. I've never heard the term catty-wampus before, but just saw it twice in the past five minutes. I think I'm in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

  • Maybe your lobotomy was only a partial. Check with your doc. — AbbyNormal

Does the vette have a custom paintjob?

  • Yes the stock car is a white corvette — AbbyNormal
  • Just looked at that cars paint job and I’m reminded not to rush things or you really mess up the paint finish — AbbyNormal
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GspeedR 6/29/24

One grande mochachino with an expresso shot, please!

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Phil_NWA1 7/5/24

Nice looking diorama, love the details 

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