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Do you ever unscrew your mods? Why and when?

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I screw around 2 out of 3 builds, the others I just crazy glue the posts and body.

I also usually use liquid crazy glue to fix the axles to the body... I know, I wouldn't recommend that hahaha! I'm getting pretty good at it by now, but I often "finished a car", glued the axles, reassembled the car and glued/screwed it together. I had to disassemble a few because the glue accidentally got in the wheels, so yeah, was pretty relieved when it happened to the cars that had screws xD

Nah. JBWeld does the job perfectly fine, and, if you're carful, you won't NEED to take the car apart.

if you ever do have to take it apart it's entirely possible as well, with caution.

JBWeld is also a cheaper option if absolutely necessary.

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