Does Screw Punch work as a Substitute as a drill?

Akito_Tanaka Monday, 12/6/2021

Hello, I am new to modifying cars and me and my friend are planning to build cars for the next King of the Mountain tournament held by 3dBotmaker by next year. We both are like still broke as we don't have any part-time jobs to do our hobbies. Back to the topic, I remember watching a youtube channel that does customizing Hotwheels but not for racing but to make it look nice. I remember that they used a screw punch for the rivets. I just want to be clear if a screw punch really works as a substitute considering the fact that a drill here in my city is too expensive to afford, unlike a screw punch that is quite affordable. So does a screw punch work to open up a car? I hope any of you experienced modders can help me with this question or maybe suggest some alternatives when it comes to opening a Hotwheels car.


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PagodaRacing 12/30/21

I'm new to die cast racing but a long time model railroader and have drilled lots of small holes by hand including rivets.

I would suggest a pinvise.

Make sure the above style will hold the size drill bit needed.

The above style will definitely hold a drill capable of drilling rivets.

Either style of these should work for you.These tools are meant for drilling.

The tool in your picture is for punching holes soft materials like leather or making small gaskets. While it may work I doubt it would hold up long term on metal rivets.

Good luck!

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