Double Elimination

GrabberGT Saturday, 1/8/2011

How would double elimination effect the outcome of a tournament. I understand that doing so would be timely, but I would be interested in seeing the Championship done both ways with double elimination being just an experiment. It was mentioned that many of the cars have limited exposure. This could be a way to get more races for each car.


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redlinederby 1/8/11
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An interesting idea. Any double-elim would be probably off the record as the league is programmed for a straight 16-car, single tournament. Plus, doesn't a double-elim just take the losers and put them back in a second bracket?

Anyhoo...thanks for the feedback, a double elim could be fun at some point. d

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Jobe 1/9/11

Double Elimination gets you a true First, Second and Third place positions.

I've been debating doing one at my races just to see what cars are really performing, but it's a lot of work.

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