Dropping into the diecast wreckers for some parts

cdg Wednesday, 1/19/2011

Thought I'd drop into the diecast wreckers to get a grille for a Hot Wheels 62 Chevy Pickup Code 3 Im working on, I took my Matchbox VE Commodore Ute.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Can you name:
All the cars?
All the diecast makes ?

It's a bit unfair as there is some Aussie diecast, but see how you go...

More photos on my blog at:



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GrabberGT 1/19/11

Very cool. I like it. Thanks to my son, I am now starting a collection of my own wrecked/dismantled vehicles.

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redlinederby 1/19/11
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Ha, that's a great idea, making a salvage yard model with the extra parts. Cute. Lord knows I have a box full of chassis and parts that would look great next to a junkyard dog or two.

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Jobe 1/19/11

Nice wrecking yard! But what is that poor 59 cadillac doing at the bottom of the pile? the horror!

I have a bin full of carcass bits, bodies etc.

Been planning some new modifieds, hopefully this weekend I can get to a few of them. Can you say twin blown hemi's?
I knew you could!

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cdg 1/19/11

The genesis of the idea was when i bought a heap of johnny lightnings for very little, to rat for wheels to use on hot wheels 'super detailed's that i make to amuse myself. i looked at the little pile of diecast bodies and thought, someone should open a wreckers yard for diecasts. then i thought - why not me!

I have enough playworn and worse cars to stock it - and it could expand...

There's a few HW in there, but none i pulled apart. i recently picked up the HW tow truck and silver camaro, and they really fit the theme. There's also some Kiwi diecast in there!

Thanks for the kind words.

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redlinederby 1/21/11
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I think I'll feature your junkyard in a quick blog post too. It's a really neat and simple idea. You hit the sweet spot, my friend.

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