Dumb axle question, what is considered a stock axle?

cyrano_buckminster Monday, 2/20/2023

Forgive me if this has been asked before. What is the definition of "stock" axle? I realize stock means manufacturer-made axles that come with the cars, but what about modifications? I.E. may I nickel plate my stock axles? May I cut my stock axles in half and put them in a copper sleeve to extend/shorten the length?

Again, sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere. I have some good wheels/axles that are too short/long to fit in the cars I want to put them in.


Thats a great question actually. I see stock axles as anything you can/could buy off the pegs. Tubed axles are just that; taking stock axles and inserting them into brass tubes. Which would make them custom axles? I've always questioned the bearing axles myself. Are those the old redline bearings, or jewel bearings? Or tiny tiny ball bearings that are inserted into regular plastic wheels? I've seen both. 

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dr_dodge 2/20/23

for that matter, what is a fantasy wheel, odd colored?  
I get some of my 5 spoke wheels from fantasy cars

It gets confusing

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SpyDude 2/20/23

Okay, first of all, remember this: the dumbest question is the one you didn't ask. You may get razzed a bit for "not searching," but personally I'd rather ask and try to find out than not ask and always be wondering.

Ca$h has pretty much laid it out to the best of my knowledge. Stock axles are exactly that: straight out of the package. Custom/tubed axles are as described: cutting the axle in the middle and inserting the ends into a tube to lengthen/shorten the axle. A custom shortened axle can also be made by clipping one end off, then flattening that end of the axle using a punch to keep the wheel on. (Tried this method, doesn't seem to work that well for me ... just saying.) 

As for bearing axles, I'm not entirely sure. The old Redlines had a plastic sleeve that fit onto the end of the axle, and then the wheel was pressed on over the top of it. This would actually allow you to swap out wheels if the original ones were cracked or broken. (I believe this was the Hong Kong versions of the wheels, would have to go back and check again.) I do see that eBay is selling bearing axles as I just described. I'm not sure about the jewel bearings, not sure if I've seen those particular ones. Ca$h, any links to a picture on those?

Fantasy wheels? My solution: any wheel that isn't black (or at least gray). Anything other than that - clear wheels, neon colors, whatever - if it isn't black, it's a fantasy wheel. Good enough.

  • that is what I was going by, too black only — dr_dodge
  • https://www.etsy.com/listing/1109640515/100-watch-jewels-05-15mm-cap-hole-part? — CaShMoneyBoyS
  • I’ll be damned … I actually have not seen the jewels used in that way before. — SpyDude
  • I have used crimps as spacers — dr_dodge
  • 2 alternate ways to put a head on, friction welding, or resistance welding, I think you could do either one "hobby level" and if you could get a polished hardened piano wire to take the head...?? — dr_dodge
  • resistance, brass pocket with +, clamp axle with -, momentary zapp, rinse repeat (how I make thermocouples for lab experiments) — dr_dodge
  • friction: round it over with a polished piece of steel against the end while spinning it — dr_dodge
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redlinederby 2/21/23
Site manager

So back when we started putted the races online and listed things like "stock axles only," that meant just what you pointed out - axles as the come out of the box (regardless of era). Nothing that was custom made from hat pins or wires or whatever else. Mattel-issued axles. :)

How those stock axles are allowed modified - either by cutting, bending, plating, etc - would be up to the race host to outline in the rules and restrctions. And around here it seems to be if it's not explictly outlined, it's legal.

And to be honest, I don't think most folks are crafting their own axles anyway. That seems like a lot of effort when you can just harvest them from $1 mainlines but hey, whatever floats your boat.

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