Dusty Run: A T-180 Track

Dusty Friday, 12/23/2022

A few weeks ago, I started to create a few topics for discussion, from Speed Racer to 3 – Wheel conversions: I appreciate all your input & support, so I would like to combine my Q&A in a consolidated threat to collect all your insights, ideas, and support.

I am combining my threads from the following into this topic:

Dusty Run: A T-180 Track





I want to begin by showing off the first Picture of my new track.

Please share your idea's :). It is a nine-foot table in a 22x22 roo


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SpyDude 12/24/22

Is that a motorcycle ramp for your downhill? How cool!

  • Yes, I can stabilize a 1 foot jump with multiple cars :) — Dusty
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Dusty 1/16/23

Ok, I would like to use this site to collect my journey in developing my track. I have heard it takes many months to make and mature a track however, I think I can do it before Mar 15th, the ides of march, which sound like a great target to hold my first gravity race. If you have seen my other posts, I do like a little hijinx on the track, as seen in speed racer, so I will do my best to include what I can to include a bit of magnet. 

I would greatly appreciate any idea and support as I put this bad boy together. Still thinking of Cyberpunk (speed racer) or Apocolypse (Gaslands, car wars)

4' deep x 18' wide x 10' high space ( I have a 9' pool table centered 5' from the wall to grow into; think of a T where the table is the stem :) so I am looking for a drop circle back 2-3 times.

I have reached out to @spoolheads to order a couple of turns and connectors so I will share each Monday how I progress. 

Please if you have a shenanigans or hijinx track ideas like the combat track from hot wheels please share :) 

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Dusty 1/16/23

I am following all the comments on the following thread as well :) www.redlinederby.com/topic/idr-build-journal/5386?p=2

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Chaos_Canyon 1/17/23

Good luck with the build. The planning and testing can be a frustrating phase, but worth it in the end. 

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