Expert Racers Drag Track

GrabberGT Monday, 1/3/2011

I replied in another thread on this track and thought I would repost a new thread as my review of the product.

I received one of these for Christmas this year. My 4yo and I have had a blast playing with it. I did have some problems as others have mentioned with the heavier cars as well as another problem with the pins. They would not drop completely thus interfering with some of the cars. I called the manufacturer about this and he offered a solution. Apparently the springs that hold the pins up are too strong for the motors and will keep the pins from dropping all the way down. He suggested that I stretch the spring down so that the motor doesn't have to work as hard and has a shorter distance to fall. I did this and it fixed both problems. My heaviest cars now launch just like the rest and there is no more interference with the pin being in the way.

Now my only other problem is with tied races. If the cars finish with the exact same time, the race is automatically given to lane 1. I'll need to get some more track to hopefully spread the finishers out a little more.

I'll also be getting some orange banked turn track to create a return for the cars after their runs are completed. Its already a long walk down to the other end.

The manufacturer/developer of this product is very easy to talk to and really wants it to be successful. If you have one of these and are having issues, give him a call. He might have a suggestion.


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Dragtracks 1/3/11

Thanks GrabberGT Im glad you enjoy Dragtracks formally known as Expert Racers. I gave my track a marketing make over and have done away with Expert Racers and now have a pretty cool logo and name for my product. Im glad my suggestion helped. Also when you place the cars on the track push the pins down so that there just barley holding the cars back. This will also help create a good release. Just a note on the ties. There is a hidden digit in the timer that you can not see so although the display may show the same time it will still give the correct winner. I will do some testing though but I have never noticed it just giving a close race to lane 1 everytime. But thanks for the heads up and I will double check.

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GrabberGT 1/22/11

I got my parts in to repair my drag track. I ended up with 2 extra pieces of track to extend the length to 18 feet. I really wanted it to be 20 feet but I dont want to buy another 4-pack of track to do it when only 1 more piece of track would suffice. I set the track up as a shorty by only using half the poles to stand it up. This takes away a lot of the initial speed and lengthens the race time by almost a full second. Its pretty neat. Now you actually have enough time to cheer your car on as it tries to catch up to win. In some cases I have actually witnessed double passes for a come from behind win. Very cool! So far my fastest car is an unmodified 07 Shelby GT500 FTE with a time of 2.10".

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