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F-Body Frenzy

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Douglas 4/26/22

Roster is full!! If you missed out get in on some of the other MMRL races!! 

Hey Doug, can I get on an alternate list?

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PuffsRacing 5/1/22

Any spots available?

  • Not for this race but look for other MMRL races to enter. — Douglas

Can I still get in on this??

  • Not on F-Body but have other races too. Roster is full on F-Body Frenzy. — Douglas
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Dretty 5/14/22

Yip, I'm in.

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Douglas 5/23/22

Don't forget to get those cars in!!!

Shipped out today...

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Douglas 6/21/22

Hurry and get your cars in for the F-Body Frenzy!! 

  • Where are they going? — BlueLineRacing
  • Sent mine this morning, should be there on the 24th. — Spirit_Of_64
  • They got to Merch by Meekin for tech and then off to Funkhouser Diecast Racing — Douglas
  • July 1st sharp? There might be a delay over the pond … ???? — Bavarian_Diecast_Racing
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GoldenOwl 6/23/22

Ready to rumble 

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Numbskull 6/23/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.

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Uncle_Elvis 6/23/22

On the way!

Going out tomorrow by UPS Express (3-5 days from Bavaria)

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