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redlinederby Sunday, 11/7/2010
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I started to look into porting some of the Fantasy League game play into Facebook, but to be honest, I'm not a big Facebook person, so...what would you expect to see in a Fantasy League Facebook app?

I'm not quite sure what the limits of a Facebook app are yet. So far I've figured out how to connect to a FB account and ask to post to your wall, which would be great to have.

Any input is appreciated. I think getting a hook into FB would be a big help and for those that use it, a big convenience.


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redlinederby 11/8/10
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I've been thinking about this more and I think the first phase of this will be connecting your existing Redline player account to your Facebook account, so that you can post announcements to your wall - like achievements, car entries, results, etc.

I foresee a table of Recent Activity on the dashboard with the option to post any of them to your Facebook wall.

I'm still learning about FB integration so I'm not quite sure how to make an in-Facebook version of the league just yet. I think I can go from League-to-FB but not quite FB-to-league...yet...

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markkaz 11/9/10

Facebook is the way to go if you want to increase participation.

If you check out the poker app, you get special awards (badges)
for making certain hands. This would be right up your alley.

The only thing that you absolutely must do is give the user control
over what RDR posts on our Facebook feeds. Too many games
spam everybody and that would be the wrong foot to start off on.

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redlinederby 11/9/10
Site manager

Agreed. In my head now is a list of milestones on the Dashboard and you the player can choose which ones you want to post - completely user instigated.

And when I eventually get to making the game playable on FB, it would be a vote-only version of the game. I don't want to try and port over all the car searching, lists, etc within the FB framework. Plus I still want people to come to the site.

Thanks for your input. Lots of stuff to map out for this type of thing. Baby steps.

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