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Falken - GT Endurance & Prototype Race Series - 24 Hours of LeMans Inspired Diecast Racing (On Hold)

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EnochEl 9/5/21

Can I get in this?

Enoch El

164 UDR (underground Diecast Racing)

AM or pro

  • Welcome aboard, last official spot. Can you choose a number between 0 - 99 that is not already taken. Also your choice on the PRO or AM ... let me know which one you prefer. What is your Driver's Name? Is it Enoch El? — MarcusFiregone
  • Yup name is Enoch El, driving for 164 udr. Pro division, would like to enter a '20 Toyota GR Supra — EnochEl
  • I don’t know what numbers are left so #1, 9, 10,18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81,90 — EnochEl
  • 36 it is — MarcusFiregone
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GrumpyCloud 10/20/22

Any updates for this event?  IDRL has got me stoked for Falken.

  • Focused on IDRL right now ... but still plan to kick this off. Sorry for the delay — MarcusFiregone
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RaSungod 3/21/23

Did this race ever happen?

  • Sorry, I'm behind ... launching the Formula $pecial now (delayed from 2022). GT Endurance Race will be next but I can't put a timeframe on it yet. — MarcusFiregone
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Numbskull 3/21/23

When it does, you wil know. 

Just saw this and am very interested... Any spots left?

  • I don't think so, received all the cars last year but ran out of time to run it. Trying to catch up. Will let you know if I find a sport after I review all the entries. — MarcusFiregone
  • Sounds good... I'll be watching regardless!! — G_ForceRacing

I really wish i can join in ,,, i just picked up alot of cars many in the classes you've mentioned,,,,, but a wish is but a wish,,,


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PuffsRacing 4/29/23

It's probably way too late but would love to be a part of this event.  


Arth thee

Arth thou

Arth thithith

What doust thou see on thee horizon, 

It-thith Season 2024 oh howith thou eyes :-) see the naked road with heavy bounty to lay thy rubbers on thy naked road to race.we have bountiful plenty to meet your asphalt of gold 

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