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Fast and Furious Rally @ Rainier Rally **FULL**

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Driepe51 5/24/23

Driver- Doc

Team- Docs Speed Shop

Car- Jesses mk3 jetta from the first fast and furious... 

  • YES!!! I was waiting for someone to pick this car. I love it (keep the weight low though ;) )You in — TinyTrackCars
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Sneaky_Bob 5/24/23

Sneaky Bob would like a spot. The Lyken Hypersport.

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Sam_Haul 5/24/23

Sam Haul - Team DRT3K - Custom Mustang

Lone Star / LYDC / '15 Mercedes Benz AMG GT

Hey, at you all!! I wish you all a great tournament and a lot fun to build your castings!!! Enjoy it! I'm only able to follow it. But i chear for a few of you for sure! 

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Uncle_Elvis 5/24/23

Uncle Elvis/Uncle Elvis Racing/Thresher

I'm in here's my entry


“I Don't Have Friends, I've Got Family”

  • you're in. why did it take so long for this car to get claimed? Apparently more muscle guys than tuner guys here haha — TinyTrackCars
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Scoupe 5/24/23

If I remember correctly, this guy is one. Going with him.

Scoupe, Poverty Hollow ADCR

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AJ_Grey 5/24/23

May I join in?

  • Yes, You need to select a unique Fast and Furious casting that has not been picked — TinyTrackCars
  • Maserati Ghibli Furious 7 — AJ_Grey
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NDeavers80 5/24/23

I want in but I don't know what fast and furious cars haven't been picked ugh I get so annoyed by be the have to pick something someone else hasn't already picked stuff... 

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NDeavers80 5/24/23

had this been picked

  • You're in with the NSX — TinyTrackCars
  • Awesome I'll delete the other two — NDeavers80
  • thank you! Keeping the feed clean. It can get a little overwhelming hehe — TinyTrackCars

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