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Fast and Furious Rally @ Rainier Rally **FULL**

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WesCoasin 5/24/23

Wes Coasin 

Miniature Car Racing 

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KxngTrizz 5/24/23

Sean's Monte Carlo from Tokyo drift

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EssexBoys 5/25/23

What about this 72 Ford Gran Torino Sport? 

ROADRAGE RACING would love to get in on this.  Thanks 

or the silver corvette crand sport !  

Thanx to Uncle Elvis and TinyTrack cars pointing out an issue i could have i was able to find another casting due to the probability of the TrackHawk tipping over, so here is my replacement entry,  thanx guys for looking out and giving me a heads up from making a rookie mistake ;-)

  • you are in :) Definitely a better choice than the cherokee (even though I love that jeep) — TinyTrackCars
  • Most likely will mod that TrackHawk for a different race — CHOWHOUND_RACING_N_DIECAST
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Uncle_Elvis 5/25/23

Still available?

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Funkhouser 5/25/23

Cousin Ricky

Corvette Grand Sport from Fast 5

Funkhouser Diecast Racing League 

  • I thought cousin Ricky hated JDM? Or did you bribe him with some moonshine? — Kingjester
  • it has an LS swap in it ;) — TinyTrackCars
  • Ricky caught wind of it and threw a fit on the track. More on this to come. Lol — Funkhouser
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Lily_the_Dog 5/25/23

What ever happened to the 5/25 @ 12pm PST that was advertised on YouTube?

  • Ahhh sorry! that must have been a typo. I think I posted that after midnight and I just added one day to the current day it was :( 100% my fault on that. — TinyTrackCars
  • Ah, ok. I thought I was losing it for a minute. No problem my man, we’ll get ‘em next time. — Lily_the_Dog
  • ill throw you down as an alternate and reach out if anyone backs out — TinyTrackCars
  • Ok thanks! — Lily_the_Dog
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GoldenOwl 5/26/23

Bummed I missed this one. Looking forward to some killer racing on the New track!

  • Next one ;)! I will have to get ahold of you via fb messenger or email. I have a TON of test footage with the evo you sent in. Would love to share so yyou can see your car run a bunch! — TinyTrackCars

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